I'm 13 years old. Will I ever grow anymore taller Any tips Am I short 10 points?

Answer You might grow a bit more, but don't hold out for a miracle.Most girls don't stop growing completely until they are between 17-19, so there is still time. However, unless you have some taller relat... Read More »

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I want to grow taller im a male and 17 years old im 5.8 in height will i grow any more my dad is 5.5 and mom is 5.4 i dont do drugs smokeing or drink alchol i would like to grow six foot?

Answer If you are a female you may not grow much more. You are probably at your full height and natural adult weight.If you are male, you may grow for another 3 years or so. You can probably bulk... Read More »

I m 22 years old. I don't know my height exactly but its short.Is there any way that help me grow taller?

I don't know exactly how tall you are talking about. But when I was 4'7 all the way until I was 19. now I am 26 and I am up to 5'8. I still feel short sometimes. to answer your question, No. once t... Read More »

I'm a 17 years old female ,will I grow taller?

There is a possibility, if you eat a good diet and stay healthy your body may grow a extra couple of inches before it stops, i'm 19 and have grown over the last couple of years haha.

How to grow taller 10 points?

Veggies Veggies Veggies....Green BeansCarrotsLettuceanything like that, preferably green, unlike carrots. Carrots help your eye sight more so than height.