Im 13 sexually active and just took a pregnancy test?

Answer What the heck!!?? You are 13? What the heck is going on in this sick world?First of all you are a kid. The first year of your teen years. Second of all you are supposed to WAIT UNTIL YOU ARE MARRIE... Read More »

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Does a parent that has guardianship over their 19 year old daughter have the right to make her take a test to see if she is sexually active?

Underachieving gifted students are often bored in school. I know some underachieving gifted students (elementary school age) who were too bored to work on their own, but enjoyed socializing and sho... Read More »

What does it mean by being sexually active?

Whether or not you are "sexually active" really depends on your definition of sexually active. There isn't one all-encompassing definition of sexually active. Every person defines for himself or he... Read More »

Can a doctor tell if you are sexually active?

Answer if your a female O YES! well he cant tell without doing a pap test so without one of those he cant, im not sure if they can tell on males seeing is how nothing about a males body changes af... Read More »

How often should a sexually active person get tested?

Because they are scheduling it as just a check up. If you actually NEED one for a reason other than a checkup then of course you would tell them it's an emergency and you need in asap. Or go to a c... Read More »