I'm 13, obese and love it! I want to be 300 lbs, Help me gain!!!?

Answer I will meet you at the Mortuary.P.S. u were 14 last week when you asked the same question FOUR TIMES!

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I am 15 and obese. Help?

Hi! A.R. Since THIS is the way it is.....make the best of it! It can be FUN to lose the weight, honest! You just have to get through the first 3 days....but that's where most ppl give up. As far as... Read More »

Am I Obese Or Fat Need Your Help?

That cannot be determined just from your height and weight, because muscle weighs more than fat, so even if you were perfectly fit, you might way a ton. But just as a side note, 4'11 and 130lbs sou... Read More »

How to lose love handles, & gain thighs..?

Run, run and run! I know, you wonder how that will help the love handles, right? Well, truth be told, you can do as many "oblique exercises" as you can think of but the best way to get them off w... Read More »

I want to gain some weight!?

I know exactly what you must be going through having been in a similar situation at your age. The thing that help me to gain weight steadily is by eating a high carbohydrate diet many times a day, ... Read More »