I'm 13 in 3 weeks and wet the bed practically every night, will i ever stop?

Answer Yes darlin you will, it takes time but if you are really concerned ask your Mum adn Dad to take you back to the doctors there maybe an op you could have, You are definately one cool kid who is a ve... Read More »

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At seven weeks of pregnancy is it normal to be woken up several times a night to urinate?

Answer Absolutely. Because the uterus is growing in the same space the bladder usually occupies the bladder cannot fill as full. If i hurts however you may have a urine infection, also very comm... Read More »

Should I finish off the 'Chinese' takeaway that I ordered the night B4 I went to Spain, 3 weeks ago ?

It's more than 3 weeks old, I would toss it. You might risk getting sick if you eat it. Even if frozen, I don't think it will taste very good.

You're 6 weeks pregnant and having cramping on and off throughout the day and night that feels like constipation but you're not constipated Is this normal?

Answer Not normal, but not uncommon, it is probably your bowels being pushed aside by your growing uterus.

Is it normal to twitch and have 'crawling skin' at night when you are trying to sleep at 32 weeks pregnant?

I'm not sure what you mean by "crawling skin" but you do itch like crazy. It is caused by the skin streaching and the added blood flow in the body.