I'm 13 and you think you may be pregnant by pre-ejaculate fluid what can i do?

Answer Answer Well sweetie, you can become pregnant from pre-cum. I'm assuming that you've had your period before right? If so, don't freak out. You'll make your body think that it's pregnant and even if... Read More »

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What are the chances of getting pregnant with no pre-ejaculate fluid or semen?

If there is none of either one then you can't get pregnant

Can you still get pregnant if he didn't ejaculate in you but you don't know if he produced any pre-ejaculatory fluid in you?

Can a virgin get pregnant without penetration or ejaculation and little pre-ejaculate fluid?

any amount of pre-cum can get you it got in there without penetration is a whole other question.

Is it possible to become pregnant if a penis that had no semen but may have had pre-ejaculate fluid on it rubbed around the vagina area but didn't go inside the hole?

Pregnancy Health and Safety AnswerThe chances aren't very high but it is possible, as precum contains lots of sperm. Remember in future to keep the penis away from the vagina during all stages of a... Read More »