Im 13 and want a baby any advice?

Answer okay Just have family to support you well if you want to keep it!!!that and just remember that your going to miss out on ALL the little things you LOVE, people will hate you and its not a good idea... Read More »

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I need advice on where to take my baby daddy ?

There are plenty of good places, but I have no idea what he likes. Random:Brick OvenAustin Land and CattleCarmelosFonda San MiguelMikadoVivoFogo do Chao

I just placed my baby boy for adoption 6 weeks ago... I need some advice please...?

Whether you have a chance or not depends on the state in which you surrendered. I don't want to be a wet blanket, and I know your pain, but being very honest, your chances are slim. In many states,... Read More »

Whay baby 'no-no's do you do anyway, and what advice do you listen to?

We're not supposed to use bumper pads? I never heard that one before.But I co-slept until he had to start sitting up to sleep because of reflux. Now that he's older and doesn't need to, evey once i... Read More »

How to Avoid Unwanted Advice About Baby Names?

Once you're pregnant, the whole world feels they have a right to advise you on what to name your baby. There are ways to avoid this often-irritating topic.