I'm 13 and pregnant should I get an abortion?

Answer This is how it is; it's up to you. No one else can tell you what to do. I know it would be great if you could just simply ask someone but this is your life. If someone who's against abortion will a... Read More »

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Hi you had an abortion on 20 November 2007 and now again you are pregnant Do you think it is going to be safe to have an abortion you are a healthy lady?

Yes. In fact, your pregnancy is so recent you probably will be able to have medicine-based abortion. If you are sexually active, it's healthier to use contraception, such as condoms or birth contro... Read More »

How do i tell my mom i am pregnant, should i get an abortion.?

Nobody's gonna kill you or your boyfriend. You shouldn't make a decision this big without talking to your parents. If it's easier for you to announce it to your mom first and get her reaction bef... Read More »

Will you be able to get pregnant again if you've had an abortion?

Why you never get pregnant after an abortion?

Plenty of people are still able to become pregnant after having an abortion.If you have problems you should see a doctor after 1 year of trying.