I'm 13 and pregnant my boyfriend is 14 - how do I tell my parents?

Answer The easiest thing to do is be honest. The rents won't be happy but it's better to tell them now than to put it off or not tell them at all. They aren't there to judge you, they will most likely hel... Read More »

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How does a 17 year old tell her parents and her boyfriend she's pregnant?

Answer There is not an easy way. My suggestion however would be to just tell them. If you are responsible enough to have sex you have to be responsible enough to handle what comes along with it. I... Read More »

How do a 14-year-old and her boyfriend tell their parents that she is pregnant?

Answer You sit down with both parents at the same time. Come to the table with a plan in your mind, if you have one. Such as, how is this baby going to be taken care of, who will take the baby to ... Read More »

How does a 19-year-old college student tell her parents that she is pregnant with her long-time boyfriend?

Answer Tell them as soon as you can. The longer you wait, the harder it will be. I would try to tell them in person since it may make it even worse if you just email them.A 19-year-old is a legal ... Read More »

How should you tell your parents you are pregnant if you are 14 and want to keep the baby but your boyfriend left when he found out?

Answer: My theory on it is at fourteen you are not capable of being a fit mother. And it's unfair to give that burden to your parents who will undoubtedly have to support you even though I'm sure y... Read More »