I'm 13 and pregnant my boyfriend is 14 - how do I tell my parents?

Answer The easiest thing to do is be honest. The rents won't be happy but it's better to tell them now than to put it off or not tell them at all. They aren't there to judge you, they will most likely hel... Read More »

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If you're 16 pregnant your 19yo boyfriend and parents support you but you're from a close family and your sister does nothing but insult and attack your boyfriend how do you get the two to get along?

AnswerSee if you can get the two of them to sit down with you and you all talk it out. Good luck and God Bless:)

What if you are a 13-year-old girl who wants to become pregnant and your boyfriend will have sex with you to make you pregnant but your not sure what your parents will say if they find out?

Here are some answers from the WikiAnswers Community. Please feel free to add yours while refraining from removing others.Answer Why do you want to get pregnant at 13? I got pregnant with my first ... Read More »

How does a 17 year old tell her parents and her boyfriend she's pregnant?

Answer There is not an easy way. My suggestion however would be to just tell them. If you are responsible enough to have sex you have to be responsible enough to handle what comes along with it. I... Read More »

Can your parents do anything to your boyfriend if he is 18 and you are 16 and 3 months pregnant?

Answer Yes this is illegal, you are a minor which means that they should be able to press charges. Answer In Oklahoma the Age of Consent Law states that if you are sixteen or older that they can do... Read More »