Im 13 and over wieght i wana know if a guy will ever like me?

Answer First of all don't ever listen to people who aren't the absolute kindest to you, being what is conventionally overweight doesn't make you any less beautiful. You have to like you how you look and I... Read More »

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I wana get 1gb ram for my pc but i dont know if it will suitable for my motherboard?

Use the free Crucial Memory Advisorâ„¢ Tool

You are 11years old and you wana choose who you wana live with mom or dad?

Til when will Asianfanfics be like that, crashing over and over again?

It's pretty frustrating. :/I guess the only time when it'll be completely 'calm' is probably a few months from now, since Jason (the creater of AFF) updated quite a few things, so I guess some of i... Read More »

Im 14 and you wana be adopted by different perents in Australia but who will take you?

Since you were adopted by another man at age 6 and now go by his surname I don't think you can be considered you biological fathers child in the eyes of the law now. Your biological fathers name is... Read More »