Im 13 and is a good idea to have a computer reair business?

Answer Gotta say yes, that's what I do. Now that being said, remember this, you are young and I don't know how much YOU know, but if you got the mind for it and you MAKE SURE you tell them your age and th... Read More »

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Is it a good idea or bad idea to leave your computer on all the time_?

I have a server and my computer. Both are left on 24/7 unless I go on vacation. just reboot them occasionally.It is not possible to "waste" electricity. you either use it or do not use it.I am a IT... Read More »

Why would it be a good idea to start a business at home?

Although business ownership can have its downside, running a home-based business offers increased flexibility and other advantages for people who like being their own boss.Types of Home BusinessTra... Read More »

Can some computer expert tell me if this is a good idea?

Add the memory, and it would probably serve you well at that price, but be sure it's on the level. Get a refund policy in case it's D.O.A.

Is it a good idea to shut your computer down when it's not in use?

if it's not in use for a hour or so i would leave it on .. if it's not gonna be used for several hours or the next day then yes i would shut it down