Im 13 and i want to be a righter tell me what u think of my sampel?

Answer wow....that, I'm sorry to tell you, but that was bad...but hey you're only 13, learn to SPELL and broaden your vocabulary, perhaps a little more punctuation, it could be pretty good. Your best bet ... Read More »

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WANT AN EASY 10 POINTS!! tell me what you think of this...?

Its a pretty good laptop. my friend in college has one. The speakers suckkkkk. sound quality sounds like its coming from a battery powered fm radio. Price is a downside, but then again, laptops are... Read More »

What do you do if you think you may be pregnant but don't want to tell anyone?

Answer Go to Planned Parenthood. They can provide you with reliable pregnancy testing, without having to tell your parents.

I'm 13 and have written a song, please tell me what you think because my freinds want me to take it...........?

Its pretty good - howeverA lot of people don't like when young teens sing about love and heartbreak - it usually sounds fake because not many teens have experienced true love and heartbreak. Please... Read More »

How do you tell your parents you want to go to the doctors because you think you might have leukemia?

just tell them that you are not feeling well and you want to see a doctor don't be afraid the faster you find out the sooner they can help you.