Im 13 and i want boobs. im absolutely flat . how do i grow boobs!?

Answer Just give it some time and they'll grow.

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If u gained wait and it made ur boobs bigger and then loos the weigth will the boobs stay the same size?

no, if your do some research i really think you will read that more than 75% of a woman's breasts is fat.

Why is it so hard to loose weight in the boobs and butt in the boobs and bu?

Ya it is difficult to loose weight especially from boobs....The reason is, excess fat from food gets stored in these parts of a woman's body, it acts as reserves of nutrition and provides energy fo... Read More »

Do women with bigger boobs feed their babbies more quickly than women with smaller boobs?

How do i grow boobs ?

Dairy. Drink milk, eat yogurt. It can help a little because of the fats in dairy. But it may go elsewhere! Depends on where your body stores fat. Or birth control sometimes makes your boobs bigger.... Read More »