I'm 13 and I don't get as much exercises as I should. Any advice?

Answer a lot of time i dont fill like doing that either.i get some of friedns and we go running or walking and sometimes even bike our bike just around the block a couple of times.its funn cause you can b... Read More »

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Knee Replacement do or dont please advice..?

Hi I would say 72 years is not bad age to get her knees replaced if at all she is healthy by all other means. I can tell you that if she would undergo operation and rehab successfully her life will... Read More »

Help! I locked myself out of my bedroom. And we dont have a key. How can I pick the lock Any advice?

well breaking the knob is one way...not the bestif it had a small hole theres two ways to open thoseone is a pin that you push in, the other is a small screw that will be able to turn with a small,... Read More »

Can i do isolation exercises as well as compound exercises in my workout?

There's no reason why you can't add isolation exercises to your program. The reason that your biceps are lagging is because you're not doing any exercises that specifically target them--you have se... Read More »