I'm 12 and Ive had sex is this okay?

Answer No it is not okay, it is illegal. It is a Federal crime in the US to have sex with anyone under the age of 13. 12 is a very young age to lose your virginity. The majority of women who lose it at t... Read More »

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Okay..we bought this house and there is this noise that comes from the kitchen.?

Listen up sounds like when you are turning on the light switch you are actually TURNING ON THE GARBAGE DISPOSAL!!!!!! There's no animal trapped there. It's the GARBAGE DISPOSAL...c... Read More »

Is it okay to eat this I am not on a diet .. I am just asking whether it is bad to eat this or not .?

Watermelon is a great source of potassium, Vit A and Vit C. The only "bad" thing about it is that it is very high in sugar. An eighth of a melon has about 15 - 20 g of sugar. A normal diet may allo... Read More »

I'm so depressed because of this!! HELP ME PLEASE!! Is it okay do me to do this from time to time?

I googled around for a bit trying to find what damages Double eyelid tape can do, it seems can dry out and damage your skin a bit if you have sensitive skin, but it doesn't say anything about wrink... Read More »

Why is this okay?

$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$......Not all adoptive parents are like this I am sure... but there are so many who are and the good ones letting the bad ones run around and do what they like.... it'... Read More »