Ilo Tv's are no good any idea how to get it to power up with the fuse still good?

Answer You will probably need a power supply that is a common problem with Ilo's actually Made by Fugai Walmart brand. Try that , But you are prolly better off purchasing a new tv.

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Is joining the military a good idea for people who have no idea what they want to do with their life?

plain and simple yes go and do somthing worth while with your life but once you decide to join dont settle for a job you dont want to do choose something that if you get out of the service there is... Read More »

Is there anybody who still thinks its a good idea for a girl to have a tattoo?

I'm a 22 year old girl and i have tattoos. I think they look nice. If they look awful by the time im 40 then ive only got myself to blame.It doesn't matter if other people think they look ugly, i l... Read More »

You change the fuse and still no power in Panasonic nv m3500?

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Is firewood ash from a fireplace any good as a fertilizer or not a good idea to use in garden or around trees?

Yes, as long as you are just burning wood (no plastics, pressure treated lumber ect) the ash is a good soil amendment. Basically you are recreating the natural process a forest fire does in rapidly... Read More »