Illegal software and music downloads , what is your opinion ?

Answer If you are tempted to steal....Get Linux and stay out of jail.

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What Is the Music Industry Doing to Stop Illegal Downloads?

The Internet has allowed more varied music to become more accessible, but this is coupled with illegal file sharing and downloading becoming easier and seemingly risk-free. However, illegal downloa... Read More »

In your opinion what is the best video editing software?

Well honestly the best video editing software is AVID. Its the industry standard and you can do damn near anything with it. It also has better color correction than Final Cut Studio (although Col... Read More »

Are all music downloads bad for your computer?

no not all. only ones that carry viruses like limewire.

In your opinion what is the best anti virus/internet security software available?

i advise you to use kaspersky internet security version and for more information go to