Ill gain ALOT of weight what do i do!?

Answer Drink a bunch of water! Add some cranberry juice to the water or drink it regular. Make sure it's 100% or close to it!!!! Eat some fiber, you will be pooping and peeing all that extra weight out ov... Read More »

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Having a sleepover and tend to eat alot but i dont want to gain weight!!!!!?

Take it easy!First of all, 99 does NOT sound healthy....aim for a healthy weight! Second, instead of soda just say you feel like having some water instead. Instead of chips have some of the gummies... Read More »

To gain weight, do I have to eat alot of fibre packed food or avoid them?

gain weight , really healthy program Eating Strategies to Gain WeightIt costs 3500 calories to gain one pound. That means, in order to gain one pound aweek, you have to consume 500 extra calories e... Read More »

How can a girl gain weight if she only weighs 91 pounds and is very skinny and she wants to gain weight but can't seem to?

answer eat a healthy diet with three balanced meals a day exercise to get muscle. but some people will never put on weight it is just the way they are. however i know a girls that says she cannot p... Read More »

Are protein meal bars for weight loss or for weight gain?

Protein bars are for protein. It's the perfect snack for bulking ( trying to gain weight ) and a great food to eat an hour before the gym to give you energy for your workouts. Typically I never tou... Read More »