I'll be turning 21 soon and i want to know the best drink to try?

Answer What I did for my 21st - everyone was buying me drinks. Go to a place where there a lot of people. Tell everyone its your birthday and wear a princess crown so everyone knows you are celebrating so... Read More »

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How can i stop myself from turning into a drunken hussy everytime i drink (i dont want 2 drink any less)?

what's your phone number? you have plans for friday?

You are a girl and you love a person. You want to let him know your feelings but you dont want to get rejected.which is the best way to let him know?

You shouldn't be scared to face to face with him. Just tell him how you feel. If he rejects you then move on. There's other guys out there for you. You should always have a back up. You just need t... Read More »

I will be 65 soon and want to know what is a good lowcost plan to go with medicare?

You have your choice of either a Medicare Supplement or a Medicare Advantage plan. You can only have one type.First off, you'll need to understand the differences between the two types. You'll need... Read More »

I have a sore throat and want to get rid of it as soon as possible :( know any good natural remedies?

Gargle with warm salt water. It's the quickest way to rid yourself of a sore throat. Do it whenever you can. but the best result is morning and especially at night. Don't rinse out your mouth after... Read More »