If you're being abused by your family what can you do?

Answer It depends on the type of abuse, as there are lots of different types. verbal / emotional / physical / sexual / ritualistic The key is talking. You could talk to somebody outside the family about... Read More »

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Can you get sole custody if the other parent mentally abuses the family without physical proof that the other parent has also physically abused the family?

Answer If you can get proof or get the family that the other partner is abusing than you can file for custody. All you need to do is maybe get a taping or recording of the abuse happening. Or get ... Read More »

Can a seventeen year old who is being emotionally abused put into another family members care?

Yes. But you will have to go through the legal steps to take custody of the child.

What are some ways that kids who are abused are abused?

How can a friend help a friend who is being abused in their family?

call the police and tell them you dont want them giving the abuser any info of who told for your friend tell the police that you want them remove the day you call when you call make sure your frien... Read More »