If you're a vegatarian, where do you get your protein from?

Answer Not anymore, but I was. Soy, beans, texturized vegatable protein are some. I was not good a digesting these things, so I moved back to eating fish and chicken, but no red meat.

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Is it true that your body needs 20-30 percent of your daily calories from fats and protein and 40 percent from carbs or can you balance your diet with more carbs and protein but less fat instead?

Answer Did you know that women who dont have the right amount of fat percentage in their bodies dont get their periods. answer2 real one yes it always true. Answer You need something called omega-3... Read More »

What is the current temperature where youre at It is 58 and warm here in Northern Ca.?

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Would I still be a vegatarian if i ate fish?

Yes, you can still be classified a vegetarian and eat fish. You'd be called a Pesco-Vegetarian.Here's the info on different vegatarian classifications:1) Total Vegetarians eat only plant food. They... Read More »

What would kind of protein powders would people recommend to get and where from?

I wouldn't recommend them at all. They are highly processed crap with chemically synthesized replicas of nutrients.Eat some cashew butter, some beans or an avocado. It's tastier, more effectively... Read More »