If you're Arabic:Which types of foods do you eat?

Answer We eat a lot of tabbouleh and fattoush (arab salads). We also eat a lot of Taouk (grilled pieces of chicken on a barbecue stick) with a veryy good side sauce called Toum (garlic and olive oil in a ... Read More »

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What Types of Foods Do Anorexics Eat?

When I was in the worst stage of my anorexia my diet consisted of:1 or 2 spoonfulls of Special K cereal.1 tablespoon of Light and Fit yogurt1 tiny bite of a protein bar1/2 ounce of chickenI know. i... Read More »

Types of Asian Foods & Drinks?

Over thousands of years, just as economic, political and social history led to the development of thousands of distinct Asian languages and cultures, thousands of distinct Asian cuisines have flour... Read More »

What types of foods should I avoid if I am diabetic?

Anything with sugar. Some foods will have natural sugars you should avoid as well. Oranges are obvious... but carrots may be less obvious.You should also avoid any simple carbohydrates. Processe... Read More »

Popular Types of Indian Foods?

Indian food is one of the most diverse and rich cuisines on earth. From mild rice pilaf to the firey vindaloo curry, Indian cooking has something for everyone. Indian food is famous for its use of ... Read More »