If your wife is a vegetarian, is it ethical to hide beef in her vegie patties?

Answer Way to go! I have always wanted to do that to others.

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What is this 2 all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese pickles, onions, on a sesemee seed bun?

What moral/ethical issues (if applicable) convinced you to become vegetarian?

That pretty much sums up my views. I just do not condone how animals are pumped full of man made substances, treated poorly in general while "farmed" and inhumanely killed for mass consumption. ... Read More »

Would a vegetarian enjoy beef?

I don't eat pork, beef, or chicken- but I DO eat fish. Would I classify as vegetarian?

YES. some vegetarians eat fish. Some even drink milk or eat eggs and cheese. (Lacto/ ovo etc). Vegans are the ones that don't eat any animal product of any kind.I'm vegetarian. I don't eat any meat... Read More »