If your speed typing how would you type "practice"?

Answer When I took a touch typing class in school, I learned to use the left middle finger for C and the left index finger for T. Touch typing takes a bit of practice, but it's designed so that in the end... Read More »

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How to Increase Your Typing Speed With TypeRacer.Com?

Yeah, some of you had to take typing in school, but that was work then. Now, with computers around, typing has become more than just a's fun!!! Improve your speed and have fun at TypeRacer... Read More »

Typing Practice Exercises?

With the ubiquity of computers in homes and the workplace, typing proficiency has grown into a must-have skill. From novices to advanced typists, practice exercises help grow keyboarding abilities ... Read More »

How to Practice Typing on a Computer Keyboard?

Since the invention of the personal computer in 1975, the ability to have excellent typing skills is a necessity for most people. Most, if not all, schools teach some form of keyboarding class to a... Read More »

Typing Practice: The Home Row Keys?

On a keyboard, the middle row of keys beginning with the letter A is referred to as the home row. This is where your fingers rest when not typing. From the home row, you will learn the positions ... Read More »