If your sister dies how do you get custody of her kids?

Answer If she has a will, then the instructions in the will must be followed. Otherwise, the children will normally go to their father(s), if living. If not living, then the children will normally go to t... Read More »

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When a mother dies and the biological father is unknown does the stepfather get custody over the child's sister?

Without a Will, he has no clearly defined custodial rights to a stepchild, but unless addressed in a custody decree, neither does the father. Guardianship reverts to the maternal grandparents.

How to Look After Your Sister's Kids when She Dies?

When family members die, it's a horrible time. When they have kids, it's even worse, because if they were single, where will the kids go? If you are willing to take the extra responsibility of cari... Read More »

In Texas when the child's mother dies does the joint custody father get custody?

Properly, yes, however there can be complications. If the mother names some other person guardianship, the father could be facing an expensive custody challenge. This issue should be clarified in t... Read More »

When the custodial mother dies and the father does not have custody who gets custody of the child?

United States State laws vary widely in the United States but in almost every state the biological parent has sole rights to custody of the child. If a custodial parent dies the surviving natural ... Read More »