If your refrigerator died and you lost food how much can you ask the landlord for replacement of the lost food?

Answer Answer Most of the time the answer is “Yes.” However, if you notify the landlord right away, he can usually have an appliance repair person there very quickly so you donÂ’t lose any food items. ... Read More »

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Are Vitamins Lost in the Heating Process of Equine Food?

With so many different types of horse feed available on the market today--from pellets to sweet feeds to extruded products--it can sometimes be difficult for owners to ensure their animals are gett... Read More »

What temperature should food be stored at in a refrigerator to chill food properly?

Between 1 to 5 degrees C, to hold food at a warm temperature you want it to be over 60C.

Who has recently Died I LOST?

Charlotte, Locke, Faraday. (in season 5)

How Do I Get a Replacement Lost Car Key Made?

Today's automobiles use one of several advanced car key systems. A laser key uses a laser to unlock the car door. A keyless entry radio frequency car key uses a transponder that sends a specialized... Read More »