If your pregnant can you get the implant fitted during your pregnancy?

Answer No

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Is it possible to be pregnant and still ovulate during the 1st trimester of your pregnancy?

Yes, some women have been known to have their period during the whole pregnancy. This is why, they are so surprised when they go into labor. They believe the old wives's tales about, no periods & b... Read More »

What are the chances of getting pregnant when having unprotected sex when you have the Implanon implant fitted I've had it in for two weeks now and I was just curious. When is it safe after gettin it?

Answer There is still a 1% chance in rare cases that you can conceive but the implant should protect you against pregnancy. Yes but what is the chance of this?? Please can someone help!! I had an ... Read More »

If your boyfriend ejaculated on your panties but did not make direct contact to your vagina you've already had your period could you still be pregnant or could stress cause pregnancy symptoms?

Answer Stress is the most likely culprit for the pregnancy symptoms. It is very unlikely, although not completely impossible, for enough sperm to find their way into the vagina to cause pregnancy. ... Read More »

Did your ob/gyn discuss the benefits of breastfeeding with you during your pregnancy?

Breastfeeding should always be discussed since it is the best food for babies, and don't health care providers want to advise what's best for babies?That being said, mothers are free to choose what... Read More »