If your pregnant at fourteen?

Answer Please try not to worry. There is no point in critisising you, as what is done is done. I suggest that you do another test to be certain, and then go and tell your parents. If you cannot tell your ... Read More »

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I'm fourteen, I can either get pregnant now, or never.?

Wow that is tough. If this is truely something that you can't envision yourself going through life without doing, then go for it. But know that having a child is a lot of work for someone your ag... Read More »

Can you tell you are pregnant at three weeks' I am fourteen?

Not likely. If it so happens that your not pregnant put a dime between your legs next time...

What do you do if you think you are pregnant at the age of fourteen and you don't know how to tell your parents?

Hi, first of all has your pregnancy been confirmed by a doctor?well deppends what type off parents you have got. if you have got parents that are rea;y strict pack you bags nd leave nd jst leave a ... Read More »

If your fourteen and pregnant when do you start showing?

I was forteen when I got pregnant with my daughter Lily. I think it all depends on your weight, height ect....I started getting a little bump at 14weeks. I was 5'6 and 120IBS