If your ink cartridge is almost done and ..............?

Answer Generally, the paper will come out faded. It does depend on how much ink is left; if there is enough, the paper should come out as usual.

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What needs to be done if your 8 year old's top lateral incisor is coming in at almost a 90 degree twist?

%REPLIES%%DETAILS% Answer first and foremost x-rays should be done.if space won't be enough,i recommend using myofunctional appliance if space is not enough and afterwards use braces to turn the to... Read More »

Mommies: When was the last time you got your hair done or your nails done Or heck, even shaved your legs?

You know, sometimes i really do stay in my pj's all day! I never get time to actually sit and do my hair or makeup. Unless we are going out somewhere through the day and my daughter will let me sit... Read More »

In a restaurant, I asked for a well done steak. When it came it was almost raw !?

After a poor meal, I too was asked if I'd enjoyed it, and I said, well if the wine had been as cold as the soup, and the chicken breast as plump as the waitress', and the salad as fresh as the wait... Read More »

Why do the tops of my biscuits and muffins get almost burnt but the insides and bottoms are barely done?

Try putting them on a lower rack in the oven to get the insides and bottomsto cook more. Or if they look like theyare getting too brown, put foil over them for the last few minutes of baking. ... Read More »