If your happy and you know it do you really have to clap your hands?

Answer yes.

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When your happy and you know it do you clap your hands?

That is a great question! I guess I do clap my hands when I am happy, hear a good joke or get excited.

How to Clap Your Hands?

Clapping our hands for different reasons can result in a different type of clap depending on the reason we are clapping. One thing for sure is that whenever we clap, it is because we are happy abou... Read More »

Who sings"Everybody Clap Your Hands"?

"Everybody Clap Your Hands" is a gospel song performed by Joshua's Troop, found on their JT3 album. DJ Casper's popular dance song "Cha Cha Slide" is often referred to as "Everybody Clap Your Hands... Read More »

I have really bad excema on my hands and face , does anyone know a cure?

There are no cures for eczema, only managements. Here are a list of dos and don'ts: Things not to do:-Don't use biological powdersDon't use fabric softenersDon't use soap or detergents to wash with... Read More »