If your friend has insurance does his rate or your rate go up?

Answer Answer What exactly is the situation? Are you two living together? or just driving ewachothers vehicles?

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Where can you get new insurance regardless of the rate when your company refuses to renew your policy due to 2 minor accidents in the last 3 years?

%REPLIES% Answer InsureMe is a good option. Answer Some states have "assigned risk" policies. In order to receive a license to sell insurance in these states, a company has to agree to accept a ce... Read More »

How long can you keep your existing insurance coverage at the current rate after a two-employee business partnership breaks up when your wife just became pregnant and a new plan is rated up 165?

Answer Good question. In CA COBRA wouldn't apply, because there needs to be an existing group for COBRA to be a part of. Will the business continue for either partner?I best guess is - till renewa... Read More »

Which is better for your eyes a monitor that supports a 75 hz refresh rate or a 60 hz refresh rate?

For a CRT, I find 75 hz much better, particularly when under florescent lighting. Since the lights run at 120 hz, the monitor can get into a 'synch' with the lights which creates moire patterns on ... Read More »

Does your size affect your RESTING heart rate?