If your flooring was damaged due to being in floods or tears, would your insurance pay out ?

Answer It's possible - they've probably read/heard dafter claims

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What do you do when the at-fault vehicle's insurance will not pay you for your totaled vehicle because the insurance company has already paid for other vehicles damaged in an accident?

Based on your question, I'm guessing that their policyholder simply didn't have enough coverage to pay for all the damage to all the vehicles involved. I would have to know a little bit more about ... Read More »

How to Estimate a Damaged House for Insurance?

Filing a claim with your insurance company for damage to your home can take months to complete and can become a frustrating process. One way to help the claims process along is to do some of the in... Read More »

Would homeowner's insurance pay for carpeting that was damaged by a dog?

Answer No,unless he ruined someone else's carpet other than your own and then your homeowner's liability would cover it.Animal damage is almost always excluded caused by both domestic and wild ani... Read More »

A baby can cry by birth but formation of tears is not by birth By what time period the tears are formed?