If your first pre-natal care visit was after your insurance effective date by 7 days can pregnancy be considered pre-existing?

Answer This depends on the insurance company, the wording of the pregnancy question on the application, and how the poilcy is written concerning pregnancy.With BlueCross Blueshield of Florida, pregnant wo... Read More »

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If you elect private insurance is pregnancy considered pre existing?

Answer Probably. For more info see

Can a pregnancy be considered a pre-existing health problem for insurance?

Answer Are they still married? Separated? Divorced? If nothing else, the husband should get a notice from the Insurance Company about his COBRA rights.What does the divorce decree say?Once the divo... Read More »

Would gout be considered a pre-existing condition - if it subsequently moves to your hands - after taking out the insurance would it be considered pre existing?

If you had gout any where in your body previously then it is a pretty safe bet that it wil be described as a pre-existing condition iif you get it any where else. Gout is the result of uric acid cr... Read More »

If ins docs define pre-existing condition as one for which you received treatment in 12 mos before effective date can a pregnancy for which you received first treatment after eff date be excluded?

Answer You need to include any and all issues such as prior collect on STD or LTD. Just answer the application honestly at all times. Usually future pregnancies will not be an issue unless your ... Read More »