If your first cousin has a baby what relationship is the baby to you?

Answer 2nd Cousin

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If you have a baby and your cousin has a baby what is their relationship?

Your child and your first cousin's child are second cousins.Your child and your second cousin's child are third cousins.It gets more complicated if you are talking about the child of a first or sec... Read More »

If two 16 year olds are having a baby and love each enough to raise the baby together what will happen to their relationship?

TOO YOUNGThe odds are extremely high that you will not be in this relationship by or before you turn 20, which is extremely unfortunate for the innocent child. The reason is that you both lack the ... Read More »

Does baby's heat rash have any relationship with baby's hair growth?

please understand the reasons why you SHOULDN'T drink during pregnancy, FIRST.your newborn could suffer from permanent mental retardation, a lowered IQ level, or may have to live with the consequen... Read More »

Would it be bad to have a baby at 16 or 17 if you have a job go to a school with a daycare in it are in a serious relationship and can afford it because you and the baby's father have a job?

Personally I don't think it would be bad, but it would be very hard. Are you sure that you two will stick together?