If your condo is paid off can you transfer deed to your daughter?

Answer Probably, yes.Unless your condominium has restrictions and reservations that would preclude your daughter from being a qualified owner, you can transfer the deed to her name.However, for example, i... Read More »

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How can you force your condo association to abide by the Master Deed and provide all of the parking stated in the deed?

You can write a letter to your board citing the section of the Master Deed that references parking. In the letter, ask for time on the agenda at the next board meeting and request an open discussio... Read More »

If you own your home outright and the condo association has placed a lien on it for unpaid condo association fees can they take your home if the fees are not paid?

Yes.Read your governing documents to verify that your monthly assessments represent an automatic lien on your title.When your board decides to file a formal lien, they are taking one of several ste... Read More »

Is the improvement up-dating of your condo lobby not done since 1986 paid for from your reserve fund or do you need to special assessment?

It depends. In a community of this age, it's possible that your board has conducted reserve studies and updated them over time, which document the remaining useful life of the real estate assets t... Read More »

What you do if your sons mom-in-law always picks on you and your daughter but you can't stand up to her for you not want to upset your daughter in law in fear that she might turn your son against you?

If someone picks on you, it is best to find out what is the real issue by asking them, what is bothering you? Is it something that can be worked out by both of us? If so, offer to do your part. Bu... Read More »