If your car is stolen at the mall can your insurance company raise your rates?

Answer Yes, All losses incurred are used to properly evaluate your risk. If you frequent places where vehicles are stolen or even if you live in an area with high accident or vehicle theft rates then this... Read More »

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Do your answers to seemingly simple questions on policy renewal questionnaires allow your insurance company to raise your rates even though your record is spotless?

Answer They can. Your rates are based on several factors besides a "spotless" record, things like change of address, new members of your household, availability of your vehicle to other drivers (s... Read More »

What does your insurance company do when your car is stolen?

Comprehensive insurance covers the loss of a vehicle that is not the result of a driving related accident, including theft. Not all policies include comprehensive insurance. If the stolen car has t... Read More »

Is it legal for an insurance company to raise rates if you are simply calling for a quote to determine the cost of another driver on your policy but have not officially placed that person on it yet?

Answer Maybe the agent saw something that had been overlooked and that caused your rates to go up. Check with a different company. Shop around for rates and see what you can get. If you think the a... Read More »

Are you obligated to inform your insurance company if you move in-state and will your rates change?