If your boyfriend is doing methadone will your unborn baby have problems?

Answer The simplest answer would be yes, seen as the father is on methadone, and is either a former heroin user, or one step away from becoming one. Either way, neither is good for an unborn, or indeed bo... Read More »

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What happens if the baby accidentally eats a methadone pill?

take baby to ER immediately! how the heck does the baby get a methadone pill??

How long should a methadone patient take to get off of methadone on 60mg?

my fiancee has been on it for 2 yrs and they say it is the hardest thing to dtox off of are you in the clinic well e-mail I will answer better then

You were addicted to heroin and didnt know you were 4 months pregnant when i found out i got on methadone to quit using now im not on anything will my baby go through withdrawls?

Hello, I take methadone 10 mg for chronic pain and found out i was pregnant. I continued my treatment under the supervision of my doctor. I reduced my med to twice daily on my own accord. I felt gu... Read More »

How do you know if your unborn baby is okay?

Arrange a hospital appointment and get checked out.