If your baby is 1year and 8months and not talking is that a problem?

Answer My grandaughter is 25 months and still not talking at all. She shouts out loud noises and totally understands what we tell her. She is brilliant at letting us know what she wants and is bright in e... Read More »

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How do you gain weight for my 1year old baby boy?

Make sure they are eating often and regularly and are having a healthful diet, as well as plenty of fluids and sleep.

Talking to spirits isnt the problem I have all my life but dont know how to control it. It has opened to wide.?

Beer, Wine, and Spirits is my new favorite subcategory.

If your 15 and want a baby and you and your bf have been talking about it what should you do?

What is the age baby should be talking?

That depends on the kid. Some begin talking at 2 years and others take up to 5. Einstein for example did not start speaking until about 5 years old.