If your baby accidently ate dog poop is that dangerous?

Answer NO. Your dog may be a bit embarrassed, but he will get over it. Besides, earlier in the day your dog pulled a loaded diaper out of the garbage and woofed it down, so dog and baby are basically even.

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What do you do if your baby ate dog poop?

While eating excrement is not a good thing by any means, and does present health hazards, typically if an infant does not eat a huge amount (something I've never heard of and think is nearly imposs... Read More »

Does your unborn baby poop?

no because the digestive system is not yet functional at this stage of the baby's development.

How do you recover your files that got deleted accidently on your computer?

It is possible to get the deleted file.Just go to and search for 'file recovery'.You can use one of the file recovery software to get the deleted files.Your deleted files will stay... Read More »

What do you do when your baby eats human poop?

Wet a washrag & wipe inside the baby's mouth and changing his diapers more frequently so he doesn't get the chance to play in it. Discuss this with his doctor for more advice.