If your a vegan or vegetarian please answer!!!?

Answer Meat contains protein, iron, zinc, and the b vitamins riboflavin, thiamin and b-12.Dairy products contain calcium, vitamin D, protein and potassium.Eggs contain protein, vitamin D, choline and calc... Read More »

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Adults who were brought up Vegetarian/Vegan from a young age did you stay Vegetarian/Vegan ?

I wasn't brought up vegetarian but I tried my best to be! I ate basically no meat. When I was two years old I gave my dad a black eye because he wouldn't let the animals in the zoo out of their cag... Read More »

Could you please recommend healthy vegetarian or vegan daily menu?

Here are some web sites with some great vegetarian/vegan food.http://amys.comhttp://gardenburger.comhttp://yvesveggie.comhttp://sunshineburger.comhttp://rightfoods.com -they ha... Read More »

Vegan Grocey List Answer Please?

here is for candy and snacks then see the bottom for what more you can doCandyAirheads taffyBrach's Cinnamon Hard CandyBrach's Hi-C Fruit SlicesBrach's Hi-C Orange SlicesBrach's Root Beer BarrelsBr... Read More »

Only if your vegan or vegetarian!!!?

eggs and beansalso there are boca burgers and tofu