If your a pregnant teen can you still go to school?

Answer yes just people will know you're pregnant.

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If you a teen and is pregnant can you still go to school?

yes, when i was in high school there were a few girls that were have a few things to consider.Your body will change and you won't feel good a lot. you and your parents should talk to t... Read More »

Is it still possible to be pregnant if your boyfriend ejaculates inside and afteryou have sex you go and pee are you peeing out the sperm or could you still be pregnant?

AnswerYes, you could still be pregnant. urinating after words has no effect on getting all the sperm out. If this happened recently and you think you may be pregnant but it has not been more than 7... Read More »

If your pregnant and still in school in the UK how long do you get off when having the baby?

How likely is it for a teen to have her period and still be pregnant?

Answer It's not as uncommon as most think. You can have your cycle throughout your entire pregnancy.No egg comes out if the egg is inseminated though