If your a 34 wiast what size baby diaper should i get?

Answer I think you are too big for baby diapers. You will probably have to wear Depends. However, I'm sure you could find baby diapers in your size on the internet. Seems like anything and everything can ... Read More »

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What happens if your baby has diaper rash and he is bleeding now what do you think I should do?

All races are affected by Cockayne Syndrome. To learn more about this syndrome

How Does an Adult Diaper Differ From a Baby Diaper?

Social scientists have debated and argued that the mass media, whether through news or television programming, reinforces cultural stereotypes or images of crime and criminals when counters could b... Read More »

How to Determine if Your Baby Has a Diaper Rash or Yeast Skin Condition?

You just discovered a rash in your baby's diaper region? But what type of rash is it? is it a yeast-infection or is it a diaper rash? Well, with this article, you can help determine what rash this ... Read More »

What if your baby has a cold severe diaper rash and a rash all over his body what could this be?

There are a number of conditions that could cause a full body rash with or without cold symptoms. This is a question for your pediatrician.