If your a 34 wiast what size baby diaper should i get?

Answer I think you are too big for baby diapers. You will probably have to wear Depends. However, I'm sure you could find baby diapers in your size on the internet. Seems like anything and everything can ... Read More »

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How Does an Adult Diaper Differ From a Baby Diaper?

Social scientists have debated and argued that the mass media, whether through news or television programming, reinforces cultural stereotypes or images of crime and criminals when counters could b... Read More »

Why does changing my baby's daddy's baby's diaper upset me so much?

Uranus is an expert on situations that require rectification. Thank you for asking.First check your baby's daddy's baby's baby monitor, whilst your baby daddy is tending to your baby daddy. This ma... Read More »

Does Huggies have a size 7 diaper for children?

Huggies has four different types of diapers, but none of them are available in a size 7. The largest diaper Huggies offers is size 6, which accommodates a child who weighs 35 pounds or more. Childr... Read More »

Why is a diaper like a baby?

because a baby diaper is always full of boo boo and you use the both to put on!!!!!!!!!