If your 13 and you want to have a baby how do tell your parents?

Answer Just sit down with them and tell them. If they get mad at you your response should be that atleast you didn't just go for it but you want them to know before you do take action on having a kid. Jus... Read More »

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What do you do if your boyfriend wants to have a baby with you and now that he's talked about it you want to have the baby too but you want your parents to be supportive but you know they won't be?

Answer This is a decision you have to make for yourself. Remember, you're the woman and you're gonna have to be extremely responsible. Your parents should be left out of the equation here. Tell ... Read More »

How should you tell your parents you are pregnant if you are 14 and want to keep the baby but your boyfriend left when he found out?

Answer: My theory on it is at fourteen you are not capable of being a fit mother. And it's unfair to give that burden to your parents who will undoubtedly have to support you even though I'm sure y... Read More »

Can your parents do anything if you are 16 and want to have a baby with your 18-year-old boyfriend?

Answer If you are 16 and want to have a baby with your 18 year old boyfirend,it all depends, if your parents are understanding and if your boyfriend is willing to help you out, then your parents wo... Read More »

Not a real situation but if your girlfriend is going to have a baby how would you tell your parents and would they be really mad or just a little mad my parents arnt strict but please give an anserr?

if you are a minor, and still in school, and living at home, yeah id say your parents would be p!ssed on a level you have never even thought of.** The only way to tell them is- to tell them straigh... Read More »