If you wouldn't be willing to kill an animal - why would you eat meat?

Answer I've just formulated a new theory on this. I've always thought that humans ate meat as scavengers, as we're not really equipped to hunt and catch much with our bare hands or sticks. So maybe it f... Read More »

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How many animal they kill a day to supply every restaurant, KFC, and food markets with stacks of meat daily?

Most meat packing plants work 24/7, as for exact amount there is no real total as some work independently and the USDA does not do a head count of the animals, chickens are culled the same way, in ... Read More »

Would you eat meat if the animal died naturally?

how rank. Anyway, no I would not because I don't regard carcasses as food. Anyway, if eating animals who died naturally became widespread it would lead to the domestication of animals just so peopl... Read More »

Would you eat meat if you had to kill it yourself?

Good question. Meat eating animals hunt, kill and eat meat raw. Humans who eat meat buy it from the supermarket or butcher shop. If they had to hunt as carnivores do, I think more would adopt a hea... Read More »

If you had to kill your own meat would you become vegetarian?

Humans are social beings. We divide our roles in society, and thus are not faced with all the thrills life may bring. If you would want someone who has never killed an animal, to kill his own lunch... Read More »