If you woke up and had a spot on the end of your nose would you go to work?

Answer Sounds like a dam good excuse to stay home to me.

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I woke up and my nose was gone!?

This morning I woke up with a bloody nose?

As others have already said a humidifier will do wonders but they need to be kept extremely clean or they can cause problems breeding bacteria. They come with special cleaning solutions, keep the w... Read More »

I woke up with a dark spot on my face. What is it How can I get rid of it It is dark brown and smooth?

If it's bigger than a dime go to the doctor needs to be checked for melenoma

How to Clear a Dark Spot on the Nose From Peeling Skin?

The way in which peeling skin heals is dependent upon how it was damaged by the sun. The nose, with its sensitive skin and prominence on the face, is particularly vulnerable to the damaging UV rays... Read More »