If you wipe yourself and see a little blood can you still be pregnant?

Answer Yes, you can. A small amount of what's called "spotting" is not unusual early in a pregnancy.

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If you wipe off your penis with sperm on it with your fingers then your fingers have sperm on them and you wipe it off on your boxers and you rub a girl's vagina can she get pregnant?

If a person spots pink and brown blood one day then dark red blood the next day with tiny blood clots and hasn't started her period does this mean she is pregnant and should take a hpt?

Anytime that you feel that you may be pregnant you should take a home pregnancy test.However if you feel that you may be pregnant and are having a significant amount of bleeding or cramping you sho... Read More »

Every time I poop and wipe I see blood please help?

Relax, you are going to be just fine. Sometimes excessive wiping can cause rectal bleeding. Using soft toilet paper can help this. You might also want to try baby wipes as they are gentle and will ... Read More »

Can you got pregnant if you wipe off pre-ejaculatory and then penetrate?