If you were to have surgery, where would you look to make sure your doctor?

Answer One thing you could ask is, is he/she board certified? That means they were doing extra studies and were certified in their field. Also, make some phone calls to see if there is a medical board ... Read More »

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What to do if one doctor says you need surgery and another says you don't?

__________________________ Are you serious? Your asking a bunch of people online. Go to another freakin doctor and ask their opinion.________________________________…

What is a doctor of dental surgery?

A doctor that performs surgery on the teeth, mouth and jaws of patients is formally called an oral or maxillofacial surgeon. Removing teeth, diagnosing disease and performing jaw realignment surger... Read More »

How many years or college do you have to take to become a brain surgery doctor?

At least two, and more probably three or four. You then have four years of medical school. A newly graduated (from medical school) doctor does not simply get to run out and go into business as a br... Read More »

How to Determine if Your Doctor Is Qualified to Do Plastic Surgery?

The door opens, the cameras begin to flash, and then-there, on the red carpet-is a star whose plastic surgery was so botched you can't even recognize her. Even if you're not a fan of awards shows o... Read More »