If you were to bend down and look in the space between your legs?

Answer There is no space there.....lots of meat

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What does it means when a baby stands up bend over and look between her legs?

It means that the baby is playing and trying to look at u differently as it is bored of you

How do you get that space or gap between your legs?

Well, I would suggest keeping that space closed, or you'll soon be in the pregnancy section asking the YA community "Am I pregnant"

I was extremely upset and my hands were drawn up, my legs went numb from the knees down, my lips were drawn up?

If you were that upset, how did you possess the state of mind to look at what your lips were doing, and especially what your eyes were doing? Sometimes people who are upset get into fetal position... Read More »

Dizziness when I look down, tingles in my face, and weak legs?

dont worry..this is what happend to me before i found out i was anemic. i had iron deficiency in my blood. go see a doctor they will put you on medicine for it i am sure if it is anemia. dont worry... Read More »