If you were to bend down and look in the space between your legs?

Answer There is no space there.....lots of meat

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What does it means when a baby stands up bend over and look between her legs?

It means that the baby is playing and trying to look at u differently as it is bored of you

How do you get that space or gap between your legs?

Well, I would suggest keeping that space closed, or you'll soon be in the pregnancy section asking the YA community "Am I pregnant"

Can the space station or space shuttle launch space probes?

I broke my ankle 6 months ago and tried to work and i cant stand on my legs for more than 4 hours my legs hurt?

Your muscles could be regressed. Like not strong like before. Is it a sharp pain or like generalized muscle soreness?If it hurts where it was broke prior you may want to see your dr. and get repe... Read More »