If you were to be a key on your keyboard, which one would you be?

Answer Ctrl cause I would be able to "control" any situation~El-Matto

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If you were a key on the keyboard, what key would you be and why?

I wish to be the ENTER key.....bcoz without me(ENTER key ) , the user cant do anything quicker...Also , there are two enter keys..So i hav a substitue too

If you were gonna cover all the walls in a room in your house with mirrors, which room would it be?

If you were asked to start your own reality would it roll..what would your theme be..?

I once thought a reality show that gave away holidays of a lifetime to people who would never be able to afford it. Then they would critic the holiday. And call the show, wait for it.... Holiday of... Read More »

If you were to be in a movie which one would it be?

dazed and confused or willy wanka..............