If you were the owner of YouTube, what would you change about the site?

Answer Here is my list:- Add a repeat button. Already a homepage that does this. ( - Add history record of you comments. - It's hard and very timeconsuming to handle your favorite video... Read More »

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What would your movie be about and who would you cast, if you were a filmmaker?

I'm not enthusiastic about having my story adapted into a movie, but many people tell me my book sounds a lot like a movie. It's about a 10 year old boy named Logan, an orphan boy with split-person... Read More »

What equipment would you recommend if i were to make youtube videos?

If you're just starting out you don't need all of the exact equipment they use. The really popular Youtubers that I'm assuming you're talking about have thousands of dollars worth of equipment now,... Read More »

If I were to use my own web server to make a web site, is there a certain internet speed I would need?

NO. If your website is that in demand to cause speed problems, it means that you should be making money with it and you can have it hosted at one of these major web hosting comapnies.What you need ... Read More »

What do you think about the new change happening to youtube?

First of all, people uploading their own videos isn't necessarily going away. According to the article you cited, there will be a "Videos" tab, which I would interperet as meaning, "Miscellaneous" ... Read More »