If you were the owner of YouTube, what would you change about the site?

Answer Here is my list:- Add a repeat button. Already a homepage that does this. ( - Add history record of you comments. - It's hard and very timeconsuming to handle your favorite video... Read More »

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Im selling youtube likes can i use the youtube logo on my site?

OMG!!!!!! How much????I'll pay up to 25$ per like per video!!!!!!!!!!!

If you put a playlist on a networking site, can you change to one of your other playlists on that site?

I have on my Multiply page, and it does give you the opportunity to have more than one. I have enough problems with that one to investigate having a second.They say my connection is to... Read More »

What is another site like youtube? links you to many websites like google videos, yahoo videos, favorite is imeem.comthere is also is almost like wath-movies.netif you ar... Read More »

Does Anyone Know A Site Like YouTube?

heres a big list of site like Youtube(video sharing sites) GodTube.comGoFish.comGoogleVideo.comiFilm.comime... Read More »