If you were on come dine with me ....?

Answer for a starter i would open with something light maybe like a salad with fresh avacado, gem lettuce, cherry tomatoes, croutons and poached chicken breast, maybe with a citrus dressing.for mains i wo... Read More »

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If you were to appear on "Come Dine With me"..?

ooooh i LOVE that programme!!!I would make some nibbles to start with, just really simple things like chips n dips, crudites etc for everyone to eat whilst i was finishing off the cooking.....then ... Read More »

How to Win at Come Dine With Me?

If you ever watch channel 4's Come Dine With Me and think that you could do better then this is how. Here is a comprehensive list of winning moves!

What shall I cook on Come Dine With Me¿?

Your 14. How are you appearing on come dine with me? Lol..

Come Dine With Me, Would you have ate the sushi?

No whip sweetie...the wife once thought it might be nice to include some in a picnic to Dover....after hours in the car..."it'll be fine" said she...guess who was doubled up in agony with food pois... Read More »